How Well Does Personalized Information Delivery Work?

 75% of subscribers are selecting movies based on  Netflix’s personalized recommendations 

Screenshot of Netflix Personalized Landing Page

An example of a personalized Netflix homepage. We use many ranking algorithms to provide personalized recommendations to our members. For a given row, the ordering of videos from left to right is determined by a specific ranking algorithm.

These stats were provided by Mohammad Sabah, a Netflix data scientist.  Netflix is continually collecting and learning from the data they collect to improve their Subscriber’s experience.Let’s take a closer look at Netflix’s success.  As of Feb. 2018, Netflix’s offers 1,569 TV shows and 4,010 movies according to Fixable Business Insider. Netflix continues to grow with nearly 118 million streaming subscribers globally.

Netflix knows how to use data to predict what we want and what to create next.

What are they doing with the data from all these subscribers and their interactions with all of this content? Netflix is tracking every event from the start of browsing to the start of streaming, to the moment (screen) a show is paused. They are collecting a bewildering amount of data (Big Data).

A recent post on the Netflix Technology Blog on Medium describes an example of how they learn and evolve using this data is changing the way people interact with their streaming service. They no longer provide a star rating for the shows and movies listed on their platform. Now there is only a percentage score of how likely the episode or movie is to match your interests.

How confident are they in their system? Netflix’s algorithms are so successful at knowing what their subscribers want, that they are fully funding seasons of new shows before the pilot episode is even filmed.

If Netflix can make choosing a movie so easy, shouldn’t we be able to make healthcare decisions easier too?

Netflix can use data to predict what subscribers want to see before they know for themselves.  So, can we. We can use advanced analytics to personalize information delivery and engagement in healthcare like Netflix does for TV Shows and Movies.

Viable Synergy leverages data and advanced analytics to enable more informed healthcare decisions.

Viable Synergy enables healthcare organizations to leverage the wealth of knowledge and information.  We can help you provide the right patient, with the information, in the right format, at the right time.  Imagine how much we could improve healthcare if it were as easy and fun to make informed healthcare decisions as it is to choose a great film on Netflix.  Click here to schedule a mini strategy session with the healthcare information personalization experts at Viable Synergy.