Let’s Learn from the Experts to Use Big Data for Personalized Experiences

Netflix is changing the way people interact with their streaming service. They no longer provide a star rating for the shows and movies listed on their platform. Now there is only a percentage score of how likely the episode or movie is to match your interests.

The best part…

According to a Netflix data scientist, Mohammad Sabah, 75% of subscribers are selecting movies based on Neflix’s recommendations, but Netflix wants their recommendations to be even better…  The key?


Let’s take a closer look at Netflix’s success

As of Feb. 2018, Netflix’s offers 1,569 TV shows and 4,010 for a total of 5,579  According to Fixable via Business Insider.  Netflix continues to grow with nearly 118 million streaming subscribers globally.  

What are they doing with the data from all these subscribers and their interactions with all of this content?

Netflix is tracking every event from the start of browsing to the start of streaming, to the moment (screen) a show is paused. Netflix is gathering data on every action in their streaming service, and they are collecting a bewildering amount of data (Big Data).

But how confident are they in their system?

Their machine learning algorithms are so successful at knowing what their subscribers want to see before they do, that they are fully funding seasons of new shows before the pilot episode is even filmed, the exact opposite of how most broadcasters work.

We Can Improve Healthcare Using the Same Strategies and Technologies the Experts Use

If Netflix can use this behavioral data tracking to predict what subscribers want to see before they know for themselves, why can’t we use similar technologies and analytics to to make it easier for healthcare providers and patients to make more informed healthcare decisions?

Now with the digitization of healthcare data (electronic health records, wearables, and mobile health) and the reduction in data storage costs, we can use advanced analytics like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize information delivery and engagement in healthcare like Netflix does for TV Shows and Movies.  

This is what we are doing at Viable Synergy, a healthcare innovation services and solutions company in greater Cleveland, Ohio.

Viable Synergy Enables Healthcare Organizations to Use Big Data to Personalize Digital Experiences Like the Experts

Viable Synergy enables healthcare organizations to leverage this wealth of knowledge and information (Big Data) to provide the right patient, with the information, in the right format, at the right time – even before s/he knows s/he needs it. Ultimately providing the personalized digital experience consumers have come to expect and patients are longing for.

Imagine how much we could improve healthcare if it were as easy and fun to make informed healthcare decisions as it is to choose a great film on Netflix.

Contact the experts at Viable Synergy to learn more about how we can enable your organization to personalize digital experiences leveraging Big Data and the latest tools and

Photo Credit:  Netflix Technology Blog on Medium.  Read the original post here.

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Viable Synergy is a healthcare innovation services and solutions company located in greater Cleveland, OH. We are on a mission to help patients, caregivers, and clinicians make more informed health-related decisions by personalizing the delivery of information much like what Google, Amazon, and Netflix have done to personalize search, shopping, and entertainment. Learn more and schedule a mini-strategy session at www.ViableSynergy.com.