Sunnie Southern, Viable Synergy’s Founder, Judges MCIC 2017

In 2017 The Medical Capital held a competition conference for healthcare technology companies, Medical Capital Innovation Competition (MCIC). In its first year, Sunnie Southern, Founder and CEO of Viable Synergy was asked to Judge MCIC. A few weeks before 2018’s MCIC, BioEnterprise interviewed Sunnie and Dr. Anil Jain, VP of and chief of health informatics at IBM Watson Health, about their experience judging the event in 2017.

Both Sunnie and Anil agree that this conference is a great place for entrepreneurs in healthcare technology, and leaders in healthcare such as hospitals and fortune 500 companies to gather and support & learn about each other’s businesses in healthcare solutions. Along with this, it is a fantastic networking event for people in this industry.

“This was an amazing experience to be able to connect to an incredible group of people” – Sunnie on MCIC

MCIC is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs in the field to come together, learn about each other’s solutions, and connect because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

“By simply remembering that it’s not only about winning the money” – Sunnie on the importance of the MCIC as an informative event rather than just a competition

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