Healthcare Interoperability Strategy and Deployment Services for the Google Cloud Healthcare API


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud hired the Cloud and Health and Life Sciences experts at Onix to benchmark the newly available Cloud Healthcare API.  Onix with the support of Google is enabling developers to solve pressing and challenging healthcare data interoperability problems with the Google Cloud Healthcare API.

Our Task


Onix was asked by Google Cloud to benchmark the performance and scalability of the Google Cloud Healthcare API with 50 million patient records (26 billion FHIR resources).  Additionally, we created a repeatable, scalable process for accelerating the deployment of Google’s Cloud Healthcare API, as well as an appliance that will automate the process of generating MITRE’s SyntheaTM synthetic patient data sets in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Onix Services

  • Use MITRE’s SYNTHEA to generate synthetic patient data base on US census
  • Store the generated data in Cloud Storage
  • Run pre-defined FHIR API operations, after import based on measurement points
  • Store the synthetic data into the FHIR Store
  • Store API calls and related latency 

Healthcare Organization Type Relevance

Healthcare Organization Type Relevance:

  • Information Technology Companies Interested in Launching into Healthcare
  • Health IT Companies
  • Health System Information Technology Departments
  • Healthcare / Health IT Startups
  • Digital Health Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Health Information Exchanges

Video and White Paper

Learn more about our work with the Google Cloud Healthcare API by clicking here.