Patient Experience

Understanding and enhancing patient experience is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive healthcare environment. We had the pleasure of working with a very strategic CEO of a gastroenterology practice to understand and enhance their patients’ experience.


Tristate Gastroenterology

Tristate Gastroenterology is a multi-physician practice located in Northern Kentucky, specializing in gastroenterology. Their mission is “to provide compassionate, high-quality, cost-effective care to patients with gastrointestinal related problems”.

Our Task


TriState Gastroenterology took a proactive approach to ensure they were doing everything they could to provide their patients with a wonderful experience.

We developed a marketing plan to understand the “current state” of patients’ experience by assessing the practice’s online presence as well as the physicians’ online reputation. Next, we developed a custom patient experience survey. We then developed an integrated “in-office” patient engagement program designed to encourage patient feedback while improving their experience during their office visit and conducted staff communications training. Lastly, we analyzed the survey, shared what was working well, and offered recommendations for improvement.



  • Marketing plan
  • Baseline physician and practice reputation assessment
  • Patient experience survey development and deployment
  • Comprehensive in-office patient engagement program
  • Staff communication training
  • Performance analysis and reporting