Cloud Computing can Improve Drug Development

cloud computing and AI improve drug development

Anytime there are large sets of data from many different sources you run into the issue of how to integrate this data together.

Cloud computing allows large sets of data to be stored together from many different sources and collaboratively used and worked upon.

The problem with drug development is when the data gives the opportunity to make quicker work of development and the company rushes the release of a drug to turn a sooner and larger profit, but then comes the risk of following data protection regulations.

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By Nathan Eddy
July 09, 2019 for mobihealthnews

Cloud-based computing could offer major benefits to pharmaceutical

companies in the area of drug development as they grapple with rising costs
and avalanches of data that need to be collected, analyzed and shared.

In particular, the technology could help streamline operations and develop
business cases as to whether a drug is likely to be needed — or financially

There’s also the economic aspect — the faster a company can get a drug to
market, the more profit they’re going to have. However, this remains a major
challenge because of data protection regulations pre-date cloud technology,
according to Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon
Institute, who explained that from a regulatory framework, laws, and data
sharing mechanisms need to be updated.

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