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Consider a Unique Approach to Leveraging Machine Learning in Healthcare with Innovation Station 

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) can be used to analyze data and improve outcomes in technology. 

But why hasn’t AI been implemented in Healthcare where it is needed the most?  

To say the least, healthcare is behind in the adoption of technology to improve service, better outcomes, and move the industry forward. Most industries have adopted personalization with technology but personalized healthcare is lagging behind. 

So how do you deliver personalized healthcare information?

With AI and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning in Healthcare is not a new topic of discussion. There has been a lot of debate about using machine learning in healthcare. Much of the controversy has been related to on the clinical side of using machine learning with healthcare data. There are many valid concerns, too many to fully address here, but a few include, how the personal health data be used and protected, how clinicians use the results of the machine learning model, and who will be at fault if a wrong result is provided and a patient is harmed. 

We need to intelligently examine the use cases for machine learning and AI in healthcare.  We need to find opportunities to automate cumbersome processes and tasks that eliminate or reduce administrative burden and inform decisions so that the healthcare industry (especially patients and clinicians) can reap the benefits that so many other industries have successfully done.

Innovation Station

Viable Synergy is leading the charge in a very unique, but important, way of using personalization technology to improve the healthcare industry. Healthcare innovation is the core initiative behind the inception of Viable Synergy, and it all starts with Innovation Station. 

Innovation Station was developed to improve information management, access, and especially delivery. What Innovation Station does is delivers the right healthcare information, to the right person, at the right time – using machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The most incredible aspect of this technology is absolutely the intelligent information delivery, but to make matters easily manageable the Innovation Station platform was designed with healthcare in mind, meaning it is HIPAA compliant. The system is secure which allows seamless access to information from any authorized internet-connected device.

Innovation Station is designed for the unique needs of health and life sciences organizations. By using machine learning to display relevant information and to deliver precise search results, clinicians, patients, and family caregivers can make informed health decisions that improve health outcomes, reduce administrative burden, and provide peace of mind. To learn more about Innovation Station click here

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