ForbesForbes 04/04/2015 / BUSINESS THOUGHT LEADERSHIP / 7,224 views / By Amy Morin, Contributor 5 W

Whether you’re selling vacuum cleaners or you’re offering consulting services, consumers want to buy from someone with proven expertise. The good news is, today’s digital world allows you to declare that you’re an expert with relative ease. The bad news is, you’ll be competing to gain attention in a crowded space.

The pressure to rise to the top and be seen as “the expert” in an industry can backfire, however. Frequent self-congratulatory social media posts, combined with claims of over-inflated qualifications and a flood of self-promotional advertisements, comes across more like narcissism, rather than expertise. If you want to gain trust and inspire confidence, these tips can ensure you’ll be seen as an expert, rather than a narcissist:

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