Why Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Content Marketing-Curata Blog Post



The future of content marketing is Artificial Intelligence. This article provides a nice overview of how and why.

Today, marketers manually assemble workflows for later automation. If a
visitor to a website downloads an ebook, then send them a three-part email
nurturing campaign.

But what happens when the reality becomes more complex? What if there are
10,000 eBook downloads across five personas, originating from multiple
channels (social, organic, paid, direct) that require personalized emails
and website experiences based on user history?

The marketing automation that content marketers use today is, ironically,
largely manual. These platforms do save time, increase efficiency and
productivity, and drive performance. But they do not provide deep insights
into data, recommend actions, predict outcomes, or create content.

Once you add artificial intelligence, however, the game changes completely.


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