TECHNOLOGY TO EMPOWER PATIENTS Can We Achieve Scale in Innovation? -NEJM Post




Author: Aaron Martin, MBA & Sara Vaezy, MHA, MPH

Providence St. Joseph Health

The future success and sustainability of health care providers are
inextricably tied to innovation and scale. In an increasingly uncertain
future for the health care industry’s regulatory, policy, and payment
environment, providers will likely experience downward pressure on top-line
revenue and an increasing drive toward value, regardless of its form.
Disruption of our care delivery and business models, achieved in part
through promoting digital innovation at scale, will be one of the critical
components to succeeding in challenging times.

1. Start with a Focus on Solving Big Problems
2. Build Solutions That Address the Big Problems
3. Use Lean Innovation to Test Experiments Rapidly, and Fail Fast (and
4. Turn Solutions into Strategy
5. Make Thoughtful Investments in Organizational … click below for full article


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