New Research Finds Consumers Expect Immediate Personalized Experiences

Technology to support personalization is rapidly improving and adoption increasing.  Organizations have begun to ask and understand just when consumers expect personalized experiences.  A new study found that 83% of consumers expect personalization immediately or within hours…

Studies Prove It, Consumers Expect Personalization Now

The study by Dassault Systemes and CITE Research shows, nearly all consumers are now expecting some level of personalization within their shopping experience. Although more present in younger generations and certain industries – an expectation for personalizing exists prominently throughout all generations and in many market categories.

Olivier Sappin, CEO CATIA at Dassault Systemes says, “We’re in the start of the move from mass production to mass personalization. We’re creating a whole new product ecosystem.”

The study was assessed through surveys of around 3,000 American, Chinese, & French consumers in industries including healthcare, mobility, retail and home and city environments.


Key findings were as follows:

83% of consumers expect product personalizations immediately or within hours

Consumers are willing to pay an average premium of 25% over cost for personalization, but…

Consumers are expecting to be compensated over 25% for their personal data

The perceived meaning of personalization varies in its current state


To read more about the study check out the original post from Forbes here.


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