Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Medicine

Data sciences, machine learning, and the entire field of AI (artificial intelligence) have the potential to drive massive changes in medicine. The issue is that medicine is not a simple science, it is an industry that is highly regulated, probably more than any other industry caught up in a network of legal, ethical, regulatory, economic, and societal dependencies.

This in effect causes scientific and technical advancements in handling information and improving processes to need to be accompanied by changes in the global environment with many stakeholders including citizens and the society.

Although it may seem as a barrier at first glance, this slow movement in data science adaption may be an asset. Global adaption can transform big data into effective breakthroughs in handling health and medicine. When societies, scientists, and citizens work together progress will come.

View Resource: https://www.jmir.org/2019/11/e16607