Viable Synergy Invited to attend the White House Precision Medicine Summit

Contact: Sunnie Southern, Founder and CEO, Viable Synergy LLC, [email protected] or 513-284-6154

Sunnie Southern, Founder and CEO of Viable Synergy, LLC has been selected to attend the White House Precision Medicine Initiative Summit in Washington, DC on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016 including a Round Table discussion with President Obama. Southern will be joining 150 individuals representing 30 organizations from across the country to highlight precision Medicine efforts, share best practices, and identify opportunities for further collaboration.   The White House will live-stream the Summit from10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, which can be accessed by clicking here or at

The White House invited Viable Synergy and their healthcare system collaborator, St. Elizabeth Healthcare (Sarah Giolando, Chief Strategy Officer), to participate in the Summit to highlight their work in the area of translating cutting-edge precision medicine technology research into mainstream medicine.  Their specific Precision Medicine commitments as well as the commitments of other participating organizations can be accessed via the White House Website by clicking here or pasting this link in your browser and searching for “Precision Medicine Fact Sheet”.

Viable Synergy and St. Elizabeth are working together to identify and operationalize innovative precision medicine technologies and supporting services.  Their initial focus will be in the area of behavioral health and will expand to other clinical areas as processes are successfully implemented and new technologies become available.   Studies have demonstrated that when physicians used the results of pharmacogenomics tests to inform medication selection, patients achieved better efficacy, with less side effects, in less time, at a lower costs. While there is a significant amount of scientific evidence supporting the value of Precision Medicine practices including pharmacogenomics testing, there is a need for more resources that translate scientific results into everyday clinical practice. Therefore, St. Elizabeth is developing a process to translate scientific findings into clinical practice, which includes incorporating pharmacogenomics testing into organizational standards of care, clinical protocols, and clinician and patient workflows.  This includes incorporating pharmacogenomics tests into lab ordering systems and test results in the EHR and patient portal.

“The Precision Medicine initiative with St. Elizabeth is one of the most exciting of my career.  There is a significant amount of investment going into technologies that promise to change our health care system; a recent healthcare report by Silicon Valley Bank estimated $8.6 Billion in 2014. In order for these technologies to be effective at not just attracting investment, but also most importantly making clinicians’ jobs easier and patients’ lives better, they must be operationalized. The more friction involved in accessing, paying for, and using the technology, the greater the failure rate. St. Elizabeth’s Leadership and Clinicians are committed to investing the time and the resources to understand needs, identify the best solutions, and deploy them in the most effective way to truly make a difference in the lives of employees, patients, and families.  We at Viable Synergy are honored to support their efforts,” said Sunnie Southern.

In addition to providing innovation and strategy support, Viable Synergy will also provide a digital resource center called the Precision Medicine Innovation Station to enhance clinician, patient, and family engagement and accelerate adoption. The Precision Medicine Innovation Station enables:

  • Patients and families to review educational resources, identify clinicians who offer precision medicine testing, access pharmacogenomics tests, sign-up for supporting services like genetic counselors and medication financial assistance programs, and join peer support communities
  • Clinicians to share standards of care, clinical protocols, and clinician/ patient workflows
  • Information sharing, including best practices and key learnings, in a public marketplace to accelerate adoption of precision medicine technologies and practices  

“Ultimately, we believe our efforts to effectively leverage Precision Medicine technologies will help clinicians to prescribe the right medication at the right dose for the right patient faster; thus improving clinical outcomes, reducing total cost of care, and improving the lives of patients and their families”, Southern said.  To learn more about their efforts and the Precision Medicine Innovation Station click here or visit

About Viable Synergy, LLC ®:

Viable Synergy is a strategic innovation and technology firm. We use a specific innovation process called, Value Driven Innovation, to enable innovators to transform ideas into viable products and services ~ from concept to customer.  The firm’s capabilities include turnkey technology solutions, strategic consulting services, and operational support. Viable Synergy is the creator of Innovation Station TM a turnkey knowledge monetization platform that enables organizations to engage customers throughout the entire buying process from awareness, to purchase, to advocacy. Our entrepreneurial approach aligns strategic business objectives, market opportunities, customer needs, and organizational assets to create meaningful market impact and sustainable organizational results.  To learn more visit or contact us at [email protected].