Sunnie Southern Speaks at Google Cloud Next 2019

Sunnie Southern Speaking  Google Cloud Next 2019 #googlenext19

Onix Enables Health and Life Sciences Organizations to Realize the Power of the Cloud to Securely Work Simpler, Smarter, and Faster in a HIPAA Compliant Environment.

The cloud is gaining significant traction in health and life sciences (H&LS), and a “one-configuration” model isn’t the answer. H&LS organizations need to create a roadmap to the cloud and explore hybrid- or multi-cloud solutions. Innovative organizations are developing cloud strategies that address key stakeholders’ needs and align with business objectives and budgets. Some go further by deriving the most value from their data, including leveraging advanced analytics (AI and ML) to manage costs and improve patient outcomes, among other goals. H&LS industries are seeking ways to effectively adopt and use these technologies. Those tackling this effort face challenges, including: Strategy. Creating a robust well-defined cloud strategy enables organizations to meet business objectives, improve clinical outcomes and accelerate research discoveries Education. Educating key decision makers on the value cloud computing involves more than moving data from on-premise to the cloud. Public cloud infrastructure and services offer features and functionality beyond what many on-premise solutions provide. Security. Developing/ refining security standard operating procedures and hardening security measures for the cloud supports widespread organizational cloud adoption and the use of crucial data. Appropriate security measures unlock the potential of data in ways like never before. Cost Management. Managing costs for cloud infrastructure and services requires a new way of budgeting and managing costs. This includes transitioning from capital expenses for on-premise hardware to operational expenses, freeing up resources from managing hardware to leveraging data. Talent. Organizations need the right talent from both employed resources and experienced partners. There’s a need for seasoned systems engineers who have deep knowledge of the cloud’s native services and tooling. A DevOps approach also is important for managing configurations and infrastructure and software deployment and integration. As a longtime Google Cloud Premier Partner, Onix has joined the healthcare cloud revolution by deploying GCP and migrating G Suite at hospitals and research labs to foster a better way to work. We’ve helped thousands of customers, including hundreds in health systems, insurance companies, medical device makers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and health information technology vendors, leverage cloud solutions and cloud infrastructure. Onix also has enabled over 800 leading researchers in genomics, research computing, and computational biology to accelerate research discoveries with GCP. Our own proprietary billing analytics platform, OnSpend, enables customers to manage the usage, budget and billing processes associated with Google Cloud Platform accounts and projects. It increases cloud efficiency and reduces usage waste, allowing customers to focus on improving healthcare and finding the next cure. Such solutions allow H&LS to focus on medicine, research and patient outcomes with a computing environment that’s secure, efficient, productive and collaborative. Once a scary entity in the ecosystem, the cloud is changing the way today’s health and life sciences world works, researches and heals. During this discussion, we’ll demonstrate how Onix meets health and life sciences customers where they are in their cloud journey, providing cloud solutions and specialized services in a HIPAA-compliant environment to change the way they work.