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New Study Finds Health Execs Believe Personalized Digital Patient Engagement is Critical for Healthcare Organizations to Remain Competitive.

Healthcare Organizations must take part in digital innovations to maintain relationships with patients, employees, partners, and the public. An Accenture study “Digital Health Technology Vision 2020” identifies 5 trends that have only been accelerated by COVID-19.

The trends include digital patient experience, artificial intelligence, innovation, smart devices, and robots.

Personalized Digital Experience and AI

Digital technology has become a lifeline for many during the pandemic. From entertainment to seeing your physician digital connection is now critical in a time that is so uncertain.

85% of health execs believe that technology has become an inextricable part of life and 70% of consumers expect it to become an even bigger part of their life.

And the big kicker, 90% of health execs believe digital engagement and experience with patients, employees, and partners is critical to continued success.

“People today expect more from their digital experiences — They want to feel important and as if the healthcare organization recognizes and takes notice of them. Gone are the days of mass services and black box personalization.” The authors wrote in the report.

Organizations can set themselves up to be successful in the future by personalizing experiences and enabling consumers to have more control of health decisions.

Personalization requires analysis of a significant amount of data about the individual, the health options, the current environment, the services the hospital provides, and the services the insurance company will pay for.  Therefore, healthcare organizations must take advantage of machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  More than

69% of healthcare organizations report they have already started using AI and ML.

Viable Synergy has already taken a lead in providing personalized employee and patient digital experiences using AI with the platform Innovation Station, a health information delivery platform built to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. Innovation Station was designed and engineered with the vision of the future of healthcare in mind.

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