Open Pilot: Unocerous Get Extra Computing Power Free or at a Fair price


Unoceros is changing the world by offering large amounts of computing power for free with our basic package (and beta), and very cheaply beyond that. We start by letting you access approximately 1000 server instances and our API for free, so that you can test out innovative ideas and perfect algorithms without worrying about excessive costs. We are looking for companies to test our beta. Our platform can be used for anything involving a lot of data analysis, and for now, development experience is needed, as it runs from an API.
If you are interested in using the beta, you will get priority access to free computing resources long before we publicly open our platform, and additional help with the data science/development side if needed. In return, we ask for feedback and permission to use non-confidential details as case studies later on. Please sign up via the link or contact [email protected] if you would like to join our beta.

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