Innovation Station is a tool to help Healthcare Businesses, Hospitals and others Incorporate Consumer-centric Healthcare

Innovation Station is a personalized healthcare delivery platform designed for the unique needs of healthcare businesses and consumers. Innovation Station is HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly, enabling safe and secure access from any authorized internet connected device, from desktops to tablets, to mobile phones.


Personalization Engine – Consumer-centric Healthcare

It’s no secret content today needs to be personalized to drive the greatest level of engagement. Personalization is achieved by collecting as much information as possible about the user and then matching the most relevant content with user interests and behaviors.  

There is a lot that we can and should learn from consumer tech giants that can be applied to improve engagement and experience in healthcare.

2017 Facebook and Instagram changed their organic content feed algorithm to prioritize postings by relevance to the user rather than the timing of the post. Relevance is determined by many factors including the types of posts you engage with (view, like, and share), who your friends are, and the types of posts your friends engage with.


78% users say personally relevant content increases purchase intent


And we’re just talking about the organic feed showing you things you have already liked or followed, the paid advertisements you get are even more targeted.


80% users search for health information online


Innovation Station uses the same concept but for personalized healthcare content, personal health updates and reminders, health news and more.  All content feed and suggested information is predetermined as relevant for the user.


Personalization leads to 5-8 times the ROI

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Innovation Station is Customizable for it’s Administrators


Each Innovation Station Instance can be custom configured for your specific organization and its needs. Within your instance you can brand the software, adding your logo throughout the platform, incorporating specific applications, tools, and more.



Features Which Allow For a Consumer-centric Healthcare Approach and Personalized Content Delivery

83% consumers use hospital website…

61% visit at least 2 sites before booking

Modules – Features

Innovation station has many modules which allow for different types of personalized healthcare content distribution, user engagement, and more.

The following examples are some of our favorite features:


Content Syndication

The content syndicator allows you to create your own albums of content or search for albums which have already been created by other members. This allows for a vast library of new content for your users and the opportunity to sell content syndications you may have built to other members, if it may also be relevant to their users.  


72% of CEOs believe the next 3 years are more critical than last 50 year – requiring a modernized approach to consumer engagement that is proactive, personalized, and competitively differentiated


Campaign Gamifier

Innovation Station’s campaign gamifier lets you turn your campaigns into interactive games with your users.

  • HealthNudge

Health nudge is a gamified campaign built by Viable Synergy’s expert team of physicians, dietitians, and exercise scientists. This campaign is assembled activities which help you achieve your health and life goals, once daily emails will remind you to complete your tasks in real life and/or in the Innovation Station platform.


More than 60% of consumers are always on and readily addressable – healthcare is just starting to use mobile and social engagement channels


App Store

IS has its own expandable app store. You can download apps that we’ve created or the community has built. Either way, there are limitless possibilities and distinct ways to engage your users.



Healthcare Information Delivery Made Simple

The features, modules, and capabilities of Innovation Station are built for the future of content management and delivery. Innovation Station’s unique specialization for healthcare makes it the perfect product for any hospital, practice, or other healthcare business.


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