Taking Healthcare Content Management – To a Whole New Level

Precision Information Delivery with Innovation Station® (a healthcare content management system)

People love new stuff…

And especially new stuff like new content online, a new season of a Netflix Original, a new video from their favorite Youtuber, or the latest Instagram post by an inspirational photographer.

Why should it be any different in healthcare? If not more important.

A platform that delivers the most important healthcare information to you, picked out specifically for you.

That is exactly what Innovation Station can offer. Innovation Station is a healthcare content management and delivery platform which is designed specifically for the unique needs in healthcare.

But Innovation Station is not only designed specifically for healthcare, it is also designed to personalize the information it delivers.

Why is personalization important?

Personalization is no longer an option, it is necessary to gain brand loyalty from consumers, especially millennials. Millennials who prefer personalized communications have 28% higher brand loyalty than those who do not. Why should companies that provide health-related products and services care about millennials, because millennials, especially female millennials, are key decision-makers when it comes to health.  These women are making decisions for their children, for their husbands, their parents, and themselves— three generations. So, capturing their hearts in minds is imperative for growing your brand, driving purchase decisions, choosing a physician, selecting a hospital, or an insurance plan.

What does this mean?

Personalization is necessary. Consumers are willing to share their interests and behaviors to allow for a better experience.

58% of consumers want a more personalized experience


58% also say it would better their overall experience

And by 2020 51% of consumers expect personally relevant suggestions before contact…

Why in healthcare?

When we look at healthcare, often times it is actually slower at adapting to market trends – when in reality it should be right on par, if not quicker.

Healthcare should be more personalized than entertainment, retail, and other industries because healthcare is always personal, much more personal than anything else.  

And if consumers are getting personalized experiences in most places, they’re going to start expecting it everywhere – even in healthcare.

Viable Synergy Has Developed a Personalized Healthcare Content Management and Delivery Platform

The experts at Viable Synergy have developed a healthcare information content management and delivery platform, designed for the unique needs of healthcare businesses and consumers. Innovation station is HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, and mobile-friendly, enabling safe and secure access from any authorized device, from desktops to tablets, to mobile phones.

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