How Innov8 for Health plans to stimulate health innovation in Cincinnati

Earlier this summer Innov8 for Health, the new Cincinnati-based digital health accelerator, announced its first class of eight startups.

Innov8 for Health joins Rock Health, Blueprint Health, Healthbox, NYDHA, and StartX Med among other new digital accelerators attempting to attract talented entrepreneurs and developers into the high-risk, high-reward health care sector.

Innov8 for Health received its initial funding from the State of Ohio and operates under a mandate to find follow-on funding for a minimum of 80 percent of the companies they accelerate.

Sunnie Southern (@SunnieSouthern), Managing Director of Innov8 for Health, is a Cincinnati-based entrepreneur herself with a management of technology consulting firm called Viable Synergy focused on stimulating regional economic development, a goal shared by Innov8 for Health. The following is the transcript of my interview where she explains the distinct value of the greater Cincinnati area and her vision for the “beautiful tipping point” health care is experiencing

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