Google helps publish the largest high-res map of brain connectivity

It’s exciting to see Google’s contributions to support Open Science by publishing this new data for any scientist from around the world to access and use to accelerate their own work.
Google in collaboration with Janelia Research Campus had a massive breakthrough in brain mapping, successfully mapping and rendering a model of 25% of the fruit fly brain, a whopping 25,000 neurons across a very diverse range of cell types in multiple regions within the brain.
Here is an excerpt from the article published in Engadget:
“Anyone can see and download the data, and there are papers both available and on the way detailing the work. The brain map won’t accomplish much by itself. However, it could prove to be a treasure trove of data for scientists looking to understand fruit flies in particular or brain functionality at large.”
To learn more about how this was done and where this new advancement in technology can lead see the original article below: