Forbs Is there business case for engaging pts

Perhaps the best evidence of the business case is when industry visionaries/organizations/leaders such as HIMSS (the professional association for healthIT), Aetna and Kaiser Permanente have made significant investments in patient engagement.

Many have called 2013 the “Year of Patient Engagement” as it represents it hitting the mainstream healthcare provider community including HIMSS commissioning a book on patient engagement (“Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient

Engagement”) that executives/leaders from Aetna (Jan Oldenburg), HIMSS (Brad Tritle), Kaiser Permanente (Kate Christensen, MD) and myself wrote and edited. Further, the organizations that have demonstrated the most impressive Triple Aim results have patient engagement as a centerpiece of their groundbreaking Direct Primary Care Medical Home

(DPC – Direct Primary Care, for short) model outlined in Health Insurance’s $4.4 Billion Bunker Buster.

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