Doctors Compare Notes on Medical Versions of Instagram and Pinterest


An interoperable EHR system across healthcare organizations could be a solution, but most providers don’t have access to one yet. If they did, clinicians would really only be able to access medical images from their desktop.

Social media is providing an answer.

There are already a slew of provider-only social media networks, which have existed for years. (Sermo’s one of the most popular.) The recent trend, however, hasn’t been medical Facebooks or LinkedIns. It’s medical image-sharing networks à la Instagram or Pinterest.

One of the first of these medical “instagrams”, Figure 1, launched in May 2013. Using the app, doctors who have a question about a complex condition can get a patient’s consent to snap a photo, and release the image into the medical world, stripped of any personal health information, for answers.

Through writing comments on each other’s photos, doctors can connect and learn. And it’s definitely a learning experience. There’s a “Discover” section on the app’s webs

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