How Artificial Intelligence Is Humanizing the Healthcare Industry

An astounding nearly 80% of healthcare professionals indicated that AI has helped lower clinician burnout, allowing providers to have more time for their patients. This suggests that technology in a real-life setting helps to give providers the tools to deliver more engaging, patient-centered care, according to a survey conducted by MIT Tech Review and GE Healthcare.

Although there has been concern about AI removing human aspects from healthcare, the report states, “Contrary to common, yet unproven, fears that machines will replace human workers, AI technologies in health care may actually be ‘re-humanizing’ healthcare, just as the system itself shifts to value-based care models that may favor the outcome patients receive instead of the number of patients seen.”

This survey provided interview insights with over 900 healthcare professionals. The research found that providers who were already using AI for bettering data analysis, improving treatment and diagnosis, and reducing admin tasks, which frees up clinician’s times to perform other, more important tasks. Read more about this at the original resource below:

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