Healthcare Buzzwords: One Word Sunnie Southern Thinks Should be Retired

People love buzzwords… and Colin Hung, Health IT Journalist, started off 2020 by conducting a fun, informal poll of Health IT leaders, asking what buzzwords they’d like to see retired, for good.

Viable Synergy Founder/CEO and VP of Health and Life Sciences Division at Onix Networking Group, Sunnie Southern, was one of the Health IT leaders who got surveyed with this interesting question. 

What did Sunnie have to say? 

At number 7 Sunnie came up with buzzword “patient compliance” –

“The phrase doesn’t represent how we as a healthcare ecosystem need to think about the importance of the role that the individual (not even going to use the word “patient”) plays in achieving and maintaining the health and well-being they desire.”

To see the rest of Sunnies’ statement and other interesting opinions Colin Hung was able to curate, check out the original post here: