Open Science Innovation Station Configuration

98% of research funding requires open data sharing

Open Science enables scientists to share resources, tools, data, and techniques while aligning with peer-reviewed publication guidelines

The Innovation Station open science configuration enables research organizations to meet grant funders’ requirements and find new ways to enhance collaboration to accelerate research discoveries while also securing and protecting valuable research data.

Admin Feature Examples

  • User Management

  • Controlled Onboarding and Offboarding

    automated workflows, access controls, and time limits

  • Provisioned Access of Individual Datasets

    log of users with detailed access description and ability to limit access to data and to functions (visualize vs. download)

  • Key Metrics Dashboard

    number of users, grouping of user activity, data assets views, downloads, comments, shares, etc.

Researcher Feature Examples

  • User Interface

  • Registration and Login

  • Personalized Experience

    personalized information delivery to simplify and speed-up finding relevant datasets encourage user engagement

  • Data Asset Library

    • Dictionary with descriptions configured to encourage use of the datasets
    • Interactive webpage provides important details to enable researchers to understand and engage with the data e.g. number of patients, health/ clinical conditions, type of data, patient demographics in groupings, age of the data, how often it is updated or not, etc.
    • Granular view of the data, and additional details about the dataset (metadata) that encourage researcher usage e.g. deeper demographics and  research methods
    • Ability to view snapshots and full data set (including configurator access-controlled functionality to download data sets)

Data Strategy and Platform Deployment Services

Viable Synergy offers a full range of data strategy and deployment services to help you create your strategy, migrate your data, and deploy the Innovation Station platform in one of our pre-defined configurations or a custom deployment based on your needs.  Our experts would love to talk to you about how we can help bring your project to life. Click the button below for a complimentary strategy session or for a quote.