Innovation Station: Content Services Platform (CSP)

Where Humans & Tech Unite in Health and Life Sciences

Technology is changing the way we find and engage with information and each other, but the use of these technologies have primarily been focused in areas like how we shop and socialize.  We are now bringing the latest technology to enable health and life sciences organizations to simplify the way they secure, organize, and share information to enhance information access and maxmize data insights.

Innovation Station Configurations

Digital Transformation

40% of all tech spending goes to digital transformations

Digital Transformation involves the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems often utilizing cloud computing

The Digital Transformation configuration of Innovation Station enables the right information to be delivered to the right person at the right time– even before they know they need it. This results in users having ability to make informed decisions about health faster and easier, simplifying content management, and orchestration of cloud based applications for administrators.

Open Science

98% of research funding requires open data sharing.

Open Science enable scientist to share resources, tools, data and techniques while aligning with peer-reviewed publication guidelines

The Open Science configuration enables research organizations to meet grant funders requirements and find new ways to enhance collaboration to accelerate research discoveries while also securing and protecting valuable research data.

Cloud Command Center

94% of orgs admit having challenges in public cloud adoption

A Cloud Command Center supports the teams responsible for developing and managing cloud strategy, governance, and best practice to transform the business by securing and simplifying the management  and orchestration of their cloud environments

The Cloud Command Center configuration is designed to accelerate secure and compliant acquisition and adoption of the public cloud in health and life sciences enterprises

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