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Innovation Station is a platform that improves healthcare communications and increases employee engagement with interactive and engaging ways to communicate, learn, and interact with colleagues and patients. 

In an industry that relies so heavily on communication, where’s the investment in communication technology and employee engagement innovations?

In Healthcare you have so many specialized people working with a single case or patient you’d expect state-of-the-art communication implemented, but sadly that’s not the case. Healthcare lags in the adoption of new innovations even when it is not clinical and simply to improve the efficiency of administrative work or simple communications. Luckily we’re in a time of great change and there are many small and large players working to improve technology within healthcare both clinically and administratively.  

Communication within Healthcare Teams

A healthcare team usually consists of many different members including physicians, nurses, mental health specialists, pharmacists, therapists, dietitians, the patients themselves, family caregivers, and many more. So, why aren’t we seeing greater use of technology that makes it quick and easy for team members to find and connect with each other and the information they need to answer questions and make informed decisions?

Technology to improve communication and information sharing is widely available. Yet, adoption in healthcare is lagging behind other industries. In some respects, it is understandable and even appreciated that healthcare organizations take longer and are more thorough when evaluating newer technology. However, given the critical nature of timely and accurate information sharing between physicians, clinicians, and families, the maturity of “always available” cloud technologies, and the widespread adoption and accessibility of the internet, the time has come for healthcare organizations to accelerate adoption. 

If you weren’t already convinced that effective communication is important, here is another reason. It has been shown that companies that more effectively communicate are four times as likely to report high levels of employee engagement.  

To provide a bit of background, employee engagement is “the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work.


Effective Communication Leads to High Levels of Employee Engagement 

Highly engaged employees are less likely to leave for another job, they are more likely to “go above and beyond” and they are more productive. Results from a meta-analysis of employee engagement found that companies with high workforce engagement perform better than companies with low workforce engagement, a few key statistics can be found below:

37% lower absenteeism

41% fewer safety incidents

41% fewer quality defects 

Employee engagement is also linked to employee attitudes towards patients. 


Engaged Employees Are More Caring Towards Patients 

According to a study from HR Solutions, 85 percent of engaged employees displayed a genuinely caring attitude toward patients, compared to only 38 percent of disengaged employees.

This study on employee engagement demonstrates a direct relationship between employee engagement and a caring attitude towards patients.  Why is a caring attitude so critical? Because when patients were asked what matters most to them, 71% said having a doctor that is caring and compassionate.  

Effective communication and employee engagement are key factors in ensuring employees are productive in their work and caring towards patients. These factors are essential for healthcare organizations to effectively navigate the competitive and rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Selecting and adopting the right technologies with the help of an experienced partner can help ensure success today and into the future. 


Innovation Station

Technology For Healthcare Organizations Worth Investing In

Innovation Station is a revolutionary platform that will improve healthcare communications and can increase employee engagement, leading to better care, better patient experiences, and better HEALTHCARE. To learn more about Innovation Station click here.