Cloud computing-enabled healthcare opportunities, issues, andapplications: A systematic review

Authors: Omar Alia, Anup Shresthaa, Jeffrey Soara, Samuel, FossoWambab

Cloud computing offers an innovative method of delivering IT services
efficiently. Extant literature suggests that cloud technology can enhance
the level of services in various industries, including healthcare services.
As with any technological innovation, cloud computing should be rigorously
evaluated before its widespread adoption. This research study presents a
systematic review of scholarly articles of cloud computing in the
healthcare sector. We considered 316 articles and filtered down to 88
articles to present a classification framework that has three dimensions:
cloud computing-enabled healthcare opportunities, issues, and applications.
Implications to future research and practice are highlighted in the areas
of value-added healthcare services towards medical decision-making, data
security & privacy obligations of cloud service providers, health
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