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Show-up Accurately and Looking Your Best

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People have always been interested in the opinions of their friends and peers. Organizations like Google, Facebook, and Yelp are making it easy for patients to find and share opinions about their experiences in nearly every industry from restaurants, to hair salons, and now to healthcare. A recent survey found that 84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians and 72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new physician.

In order to attract and retain patients and clients in this digitally connected world, doctors offices, hospitals, and other medical practices must understand and manage what patients see and are saying online.

Viable Synergy’s Online Directory Listing and Reputation Management services are critical to improving your position at the top of search engine results and your reputation remains positive.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Don’t just show-up, show-up accurately   

A wrong address online can cause more no-shows and late patient arrivals that result in missed opportunities and scheduling issues. Wrong phone numbers can mean that patients can’t reach you at all.
Finding, updating, and maintaining accurate information on all of the sites that patients/ customers may see online can be overwhelming, even with automated tools. Viable Synergy’s full-service Online Directory Listings service eliminates the burden of claiming and maintaining accurate information in the most important online listings for physicians, hospitals, and technology companies, and manufacturers. Our sole focus in healthcare enables us to provide the specialized support the healthcare industry requires.

Manage Your Reputation

Ensure what people see and say about you online is as positive as meeting you in person 

Understanding what your patients/ customers are saying about you, where they are saying it, and how others are responding, via online listing and review sites is critical to attracting and retaining loyal patients/ customers.  Your online reputation also impacts the impression your colleagues, referral sources, insurance providers, and potential partners have of you and the services that you provide.

In fact, according to PwC Health Research Institute, 72% of people ranked provider reputation and personal experience as the top drive of provider choice.

Additionally, in a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 59% of American adults said online ratings were important to their decisions about provider choice, with 30% of those patients saying their choice was affected by positive reviews, and another 37% said they avoided doctors due to negative reviews.

Viable Synergy’s Reputation Management service makes managing your online ratings and reviews and understanding your online presence is easy.  We prioritize and respond to negative comments while encouraging and amplifying positive feedback.   Our deep expertise in healthcare makes it easy for us to communicate effectively with you, your staff, and with your patients/ customers. These activities can help turn satisfied patients/ customers into advocates.

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The Viable Synergy Difference:

Viable Synergy’s team of seasoned healthcare experts have been helping innovative health care providers and global healthcare organizations develop, launch, and grow their businesses for more than 20 years.  We understand the unique opportunities and challenges that our healthcare customers face and are passionate about helping them to succeed. We recognize that you, our clients, and your patients/ customers are looking for more than a shiny new piece of software. We also know that the margins are small and dollars are tight.  That is why we created a unique approach that leverages talented people, proven technologies, and systematic processes for effective and high-quality execution.

We create and execute effective marketing programs so you can focus on what you do best.