What Patient’s Want – Good Relationships w/ Physicians – Becker’s Hospital Review

A recent article in Becker’s Hospital Review describes what patient’s really want – better relationships with their physicians.

The article goes on to describe 5 ways hospitals can improve patient and physician communication as described by William Maples, MD, from The Institute for Healthcare Excellence and CMO of Professional Research Consultants.

1. Understand how patient experience impacts quality, safety and efficiency

2. Invest in providing physicians and caregivers skills

3. Engage physician leadership

4. Be patient

5. Plan to engage every single person on the caregiver team

If you are interested in enhancing your own communication skills or those of your team (all members of your team), that is simple to implement and quick and easy to take – courses are offered in 5 -15 minute session, available on desks tops and tables, and includes a before and after evaluation for the individual and a score card for leadership – we recommend Xelerated Learning Dynamics.  Click here to visit their website or send an email to XLD@ViableSynergy.com and we’ll be happy to connect you.

To read the full article at Becker’s please click here

President Obama’s Op Ed on Precision Medicine

My favorite quote from President Obama’s Op Ed published in the Washington Post today is:

“By bringing together doctors and data like never before, precision medicine aims to deliver the right treatments in the right dosage at the right time — every time. It helps target the causes of a condition rather than just the symptoms. This is one of the greatest opportunities we’ve ever seen for new medical breakthroughs, but it only works if we collect enough information first.”

Would love to hear yours!

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